Fahima Vorgetts, our connection to our sister school, visited Ellis earlier this year. She addressed the students, giving them an update on how the school is progressing and what we can do to help more. Her speech inspired the students, making them see the lives of these distant girls and the difference we have made through our donations and contributions.
       Her speech was followed by a sale of beautiful rugs, jewelry, and other items from Afghanistan, many hand-made. All of the profits went to benefit the school. She also gave another speech, this time to a more varied audience. Parents, alumnae, and other patrons came to hear what was and
is being done to better the lives of the Khwahari students.
       Now, we are excited to announce that Fahima will be returning to Ellis on Saturday, April 12! She will once again be speaking and selling items from Afghanistan. Sadly, she will be with us for only one day, but we are excited to have this opportunity to raise more funds for the school and benefit our Afghan sisters further. We look forward to our continued work with Fahima and the Khwahari girls.
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