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Context is very important when trying to reconstruct an archaeological site. Things that are found together on the shipwreck can give you valuable information. As you explore the wreck, pay attention to the context in which artifacts are found.

The artifacts listed below were among those found on the Uluburun shipwreck. Click on any link for more information and an image, if one is available. The archaeologists have numbered the artifacts to help organize this information. (KW means Kas Wreck.)

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Two gold necklaces
Agate cylinder seal blanks (KW 840 and KW793)
One gold chalice (KW 57)
Falcon gold pendant
Astarte pendant (KW 703)
Large gold roundel (KW 756)
Gold rectangular pendant depicting a woman with a flounced skirt (KW 757)
Gold horn-shaped pendant (KW 892)
Bits of scrap gold (KW 956)
Gold bar (KW 928)
Whetstone (KW 701)
Bronze hoe (KW 839) (near 3 sickles, several arrowheads, and 4 fishhooks)
Bronze chisels (KW 748)
Bronze fishhook (KW 924)
Two curved bronze knives (KW 800)
One bronze dagger
Three daggers of Canaanite type
Bronze tools and weapons comprising spear heads, daggers, and adzes
Pear-shaped mace heads
Bronze double-headed axe
Weights in animal form - fly, sheep
Bronze pin
Faience ram-head rhyton (KW 707)
One faience rhyton in the shape of a woman
Lead net and line sinkers
Bronze balance-pan weights -
    One water fowl shape (KW 873)
    One recumbent animal (sphinx) (KW 727)
Bronze bowls (poorly preserved)
Mycenaean fineware pitcher (beaked jug) (KW 725)
Mycenaean stemmed goblet or kylix (near gold chalice KW 57)
Pilgrim flasks (KW 791)
Coarse-ware stirrup jars (KW 1188 and KW 1198)
Pyriform stirrup jar (KW 905)
Bronze finger cymbal (KW 923)
Bronze razor (KW 749)
Large bronze fishhook with its barb on the outside (KW 1225)
Rock-crystal bead (KW 767)
A hundred lead fishing-net weights in two sizes (near KW 905)
Stone balance weights (near KW 701)
African black wood (ebony) (near KW 761)
Diptych (book carved from wood) (KW 737)
Ceremonial scepter-mace of volcanic stone
Hippopotamus ivory (KW 252)
Two ivory duck-shaped containers
Tortoise carapaces
Large number of scarabs - many were old seals
Astragals (knuckle bones)
Three sea shell rings (KW 801)
Three hundred and fifty-four copper ox-hide ingots (four-handled and two-handled types)
One hundred and twenty one copper bun ingots (discoid or plano-convex)
One ton of ox-hide tin ingots (N11 and N12 on the map grid)
Five tin vessels
Tools - adzes, axes, saw, tongs (near KW 905)
Bronze trident with barbed prongs (near KW 905)
Needles (for repairing fishing nets)
Elephant ivory - section of tusks and full-sized tusks
Tin pilgrim flask (KW 1085)
Beads of agate, carnelian, jasper, quartz, seashell, ostrich eggshell and faience
Five beads of Baltic amber
Ostrich egg shells (near KW 761)
One hundred and forty-nine amphoras (several at KW 844)
Marble mace-head (KW 278)
Kassite cylinder seal of quartz
Two quartz cylinder seals (KW 714 and KW 881)
One hematite cylinder seal
Two Mycenaean lentoid seals
Twenty-four stone anchors
Nine pithoi (KW 251, KW 252, KW 253)
One of three Base Ring II bowls found in a pithos (KW 730)
Milk bowls found in a pithos (KW 1059)
One of three white shaved juglets from a pithos (KW 1058)
Cypriot oil lamps from a pithos(KW 1059)
Shallow hand-built bowl with wishbone handle from a pithos
Pitcher with trefoil mouth from a pithos (KW 812)
One of three Bucchero jugs recovered from a pithos
Steatite seal blanks (KW 819)
One hundred and seventy-five raw glass ingots
Faience beads (some near KW 701)
Blue glass relief bead (KW 829)
Four Canaanite oil lamps
Wall brackets (KW 759 and KW 1001)
Three stirrup jars (KW 905)
Gold-clad bronze female figurine
Nefertiti gold scarab (KW 772)
Egyptian electrum ring (near KW 772 and KW 703)
One Canaanite sword and one Canaanite dagger
Two Mycenean bronze swords
Two silver bracelets
Mycenaean fineware cup and globular stirrup jar
Murex shells
Bronze spear heads
Bronze awl with wooden handle preserved
Egyptian steatite plaque
Ship planking that formed part of the hull of the ship
Cedar logs
Tin Bes figurines