The Ellis School myBook Program




Any of the following infractions will result in the loss of laptop use for a period of seven days. This list is NOT conclusive and may be added to throughout the year. Be aware that there is a “no excuses” policy related to work done on the laptops; it is YOUR responsibility to confirm that files have been downloaded, delivered, etc. Grade 8 advisors will check laptops periodically, whenever a need to do so is perceived. Remember, both the laptops AND all items stored on them are the property of The Ellis School.


*NOTE: “Unauthorized” is defined as actions performed without direct relation to class work or without direct and specific permission given by a teacher or administrator).


*Unauthorized and/or inappropriate use during school hours (7:45AM-3;30PM):

         Playing games (saved, on CD, online, etc.)

         Listening to music (saved, on CD, online, etc.)

         Watching movies/videos (saved, on CD, online, etc.)

         Sending/receiving Instant messages (ALL formats)

         Sending email (from personal or school accounts)

         Online shopping/browsing


*Unauthorized audio CDs in CD-ROM drive during school hours (7:45AM-3;30PM)


*Unauthorized audio recording using built-in mic


*Unauthorized and/or inappropriate downloads/bookmarks at any time:

Images (from Internet, digital cameras, email attachments)

Music (from Internet, mp3 players, CD’s, email attachments)

Icons (from Internet, email attachments)


Offensive material

Applications (AIM, Shockwave, RealPlayer, etc.)


*Unauthorized hidden/locked items at any time

         Hard drive



Internet history (should be set for AT LEAST 100 sites visited)


General responsibility issues at any time:

Leaving laptop unattended (other than in your designated storage space)

Misplacement for storage (lockers, etc.)

*Unauthorized sharing of laptop/account use with peers

Habitual charging in class

Habitual abuse of laptop