Camp @ Ellis - Animation and Music

Students and counselors at Ellis collaborated to create short animated movies during the two weeks of summer camp in 2008. For the first week, they animated themselves and created and recorded an original improvisational rhythm track for accompaniment. In the second week, they created a dinosaur parade in a cut paper animation. They wrote their own lyrics and sang a dinosaur song for accompaniment.

In the second week, campers also wrote original music - please scroll down for links to the .mp3 files. You may listen online or download and enjoy.

Note: These video files are quite large (3.5 MB each) and are in QuickTime format. (You may need to be patient during download.) they should play on either a Mac or a Windows computer. Download the newest QuickTime plug-in - free.

Trouble with QuickTime? You may also view the videos on YouTube:

Stop Motion Magic
Dinosaur Parade

Lyrics to Dinosaur Parade written by Campers

Dinosaur, dinosaur.
See how they stomp. Hear how they roar!
They all laid eggs, then the eggs hatched.
The mom gets food for them.
They all are big and strong,
Those dinosaurs.


01EllisCamp.mp3 - Groups 2 and 3
02EllisCamp.mp3 - Group 4
03EllisCamp.mp3 - Favorite things about camp
04EllisCamp.mp3 - Group 5
05EllisCamp.mp3 - Group 6


Participants, Musicians, and Animators included:


Aya R., Cole S., Courtney C., Dara G.-M., Dylan P., Gianna L., Jessica M., John C., Lowrie W., Tegan P., Abby R., Abigail M., Adylade K., Alexandra K., Bridget H., Caden F., Claire H., Emma S., Gwen D., Hannah N., Hannah R., Jayce S., Lisa G., Maggie G., Susan H., Becca R., Breanna W.-H., Ellen K., Macy L., Nicole L., Piper S., Raleigh M., Renee P., Sierra B., Tess R., Anne W., Catie C., Charlotte C., Corinne H., Emily C., Emma B., Erin W., Gabi B., Kalista M., Leah F., Mackenzie P., Shauna R., Sophia R., Tara F., AnnaElaine R., Colby P., Connor K., Courtney B., Erin D., Gili C., Jessica J., Julie M., Katelin B., Kay H., Maya M., Miranda J., Montana F., Natalie P., Quinn W., Rachel G., Sarida P., Tillie L., Addie M., Alexis B., Anab A., Anna F., Beatrice K., Christiane O., Danika R., Ella C. Elyse B., Emily W., Emma P., Gabrielle P., Houston C., Isabel B., Kate B.-A., Katie H., Lauren W., Lindsay G., Lydia B., Olivia M., Nicole F., Rachel C., Samantha S., Suzie K., and Sydney E.


Abby M., Alisha J., Allison B., Anne H., Becca L., Bethany S., Caroline K., Casey J., Colleen K., Connor P., Dane B., Danielle P., Elizabeth S., Ellie G., Emily G., Erica L., Joy W., Kristin G., Laura C., Li M., Libby C., Liliane K., Lily E., Maddie G., Margot K., Mary H., Michela J., Molly S., Natalie G., Nicole J., Norah K., Olivia C., Rani M., Sadie C., Sara B., Sophie A., Sophie W., Tali A., and Zoe R.

Special thanks to Teaching Assistants: Sarah M., Blaine D., Shannon A., and Sophie W.

The instructors were Patricia Crosby, Mary Ann Perry, and Elizabeth Perry.

Camp Director: Terry Helbling

Video from previous Ellis summer camps are still online:

The Ellis School - 6425 Fifth Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15206 - 412-661-5992