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Students and counselors at Ellis collaborated to create short animated movies during the two weeks of summer camp. For the first week, they animated themselves and created and recorded an original improvisational rhythm track for accompaniment.

The theme was Outer Space in the second week, as students created cut paper animations and wrote new verses to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" for accompaniment.

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Week One
Week Two

Lyrics written by Campers in Groups One through Six.

(To be sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.")

I am crazy, yes I am
On the moon and on the land
In the veg'table garden crazy
All the food and all the bananas
Outer Space is realy fun
This song was made by Group One.

You are in Outer Space
It's a very big place
I am shooting across the sky
I am flying, flying by
I am flying - I shall not die
Why am I flying by?

Outer space has lots of stuff
It is really COOL stuff
There are pizzas flying around
There are flowers too
It is really fun there
The pizza makes Outer Space smell really really stinky.

Ice cream in space is really good
Jelly beans are floating around
Alien cheese mice eat this stuff
Jelly Belly beans are sticking to the table
Spaghetti is floating everywhere
Jelly beans are on the playground.

Little cookie dough floating around
Aliens like to eat the ground
Cheese is very good as well
It could make a rocket smell
At the end the cookies are done
Then we'll eat and have fun on the Sun.

Hide and Seek is fun in Space
You can hide without a trace
'Cause it's such a great big place
You can even hide on a Space Base
Tag is also very fun
You can run right near the Sun.


Participants, Musicians, and Animators included:


Tia B., Tess C., Olivia F., Natalie J., Gianna L., Alexa P., Skylar S., Sofia S., Stephanie S., Alanna S., Olivia V., Lowrie W., Lucas F., Maggie G.-H., Bridget H., Claire H., Alexandra K., Adylade K., Hannah N., Lisa R.-G., Abby R., Hannah R., Mia S., Jayce S., Emma S., Thomas W., Sierra B., Patrick C., Allison C., Leah E., Marie G., Lauren J., Ellen K., Nicole L., Macy L., A. J. M., Renee P., Tess R., Becca R., Lucia S., Eva S., Piper S. Alison T., Natalie B., Gabi B., Emily C., Charlotte C., Catie C., Ciel D., Tara F., Leah F., Evely G., Maya G.-H., Corinne H., Natasha K., Kalista M., Sophia R., Shauna R., Anne W., Breanna W.-H., Elijah A., Courtney B., Katelin B., Erin D., Sarah D., Rachel G., Kay H., Jessica J., Miranda J., Hannah L., Julie M., Anna O., Alison P., Natalie P., Colby P., Anna Elaine R., Hanna W., Quinn W., Eliza C., Anab A., Elyse B., Isabel B., Rachel C., Katie H., Gali I., Gabriela L., Kate M., Emma P., Gianna P., Gabby P., Danika R., Samantha S., Sophie A., Alexis B., Kate B.-A., Dane B., Houston C., Faith C., Olivia C., Ella C., Lily E., Sydney E., Nicole F., Anna F., Lindsay G., Billy H., Katherine H., Suzie K., Margot K., Maeve M., Addie M., Jourdan W., and Emily W.


Ellie D., Michela J., Shae L., Mary H., Lizzie S., Jen O., Cristiana W., Eleanora K., Tori O., Anne H., Molly M., Joy W., Laura H., Tvisi R., Nozomi S., Amber C., Tali A., Laura C., Norah K., Sara B., Kristin G., Sandra H., Simone C., Casey J., Kelsi C., Hannah M., Stephanie J., and Katie W.

Special thanks to Teaching Assistants, Sarah C., Rose E., and Erin W.

The instructors were Patricia Crosby and Elizabeth Perry.

Camp Director: Terry Helbling

Video from previous Ellis summer camps are still online:

The Ellis School - 6425 Fifth Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15206 - 412-661-5992