Camp @ Ellis - Video

Students and counselors at Ellis created short animated movies during the two weeks of summer camp. Here are the two feature attractions: "Dancing Chairs" and "Rodeo Parade"!

Note: These video files are quite large (1.7 MB and 4.9 MB) and are in QuickTime format. (You may need to be patient while they download.) They should play on either a Mac or a Windows computer. Download the newest QuickTime plug-in.


Participants and Animators included:


Natalie B., Sierra B., Christina C., Leah E., Tara F., Leah F., Ellen K., Macy L., Kalista M., Raleigh M., Meredith M., Stephanie O., Lucy P.-F., Renee P., Teige R., Rebecca R., Lucia S., Eva S., Olivia S., Piper S., Courtney B., Emma B., Gabi B., Ciel D., Evely G., Corinne H., Miranda J., Natasha K., Jacob K., Harry L., Allison M., Colby P., Lochlainn R., Sophia R., Shauna R., Sophia S., Jonathan S., Anne W., Charlotte C., Katelin B., Sarah D., Rachel G., Kay H., Jessica J., Olivia L., Carrie M., Julie M., Natalie P., Colby P., Sarida P., Anna Elaine R., Quinn W., Corinne Z., Anab A., Kate A., Elyse B., Isabel B., Rachel C., Faith C., Marin E., Billy H., Katherine H., Katie H., Gali I., Christine J., Gabriella L., Emma P., Gianna P., Gabby P., Maia R., Danika R., Samantha S., Ashley Z., Alexis B., Jai B., Kate B.-A., Dane B., Thalia C., Susan C., Olivia C., Ella C., Sydney E., Lily E., Anna F., Lindsay G., Mackenzie H., Colleen K., Mia K., Margot K., Emily K., Isabel L., Maeve M., Addie M., Nila R., Erin S., Jourdan W., Ayan A., Ellie D., Alainna E., Emily G., Max H., Michela J., Leah K., Erica L., Shae L., Becca L. Molly M., Emily O., Danielle P., Maddy P., Zoe R., Elizabeth S., Caroline S., Mareena S., and Anna T.


Joy W., Rani M., Rachel K., Camden C., Eleanora K., Tvisi R., Shannon A., Miranda C., Laura C., Norah K., Nicole J., Maura L., Casey J., Nozomi S., Simone C., Kristin G., Katie W., Stephanie J., Kelsi C., Katie B., and Anne H.

Special thanks to Teaching Assistant Cristiana W.

Their instructor was Elizabeth Perry.

The Ellis School - 6425 Fifth Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15206 - 412-661-5992