Beowulf @ Ellis

Meredith M.

If you could call it that
Eternally dancing around fate,
The fate of theirs, not Fate that
Governs others

Confounded by nuances
Nuances that would (could) never be understood

They lived alone
And yet together-
The nature of loneliness.
And so they died

It started alone
And ended alone
One, alone.
She lived without purpose
Without reason
When someone arrived-
Someone who changed lives

And yet, A changing life
Is not necessarily a wanted one

So Grendel entered the conscious of many
Changed it all, what shouldn’t be changed

Through the monstrosity
The endless killing… was humanity
Grendel and his adoptive mother
They struggled with humanity
But is it struggle
If reason and progression is without account?

It was their fate (Fate? It cannot be)
Stuck in that same eternal dance
As are we all

So can we even place
Place what we see as atrocity
Monstrosity, outrage
On human (or is it?) nature?

The blame lies with lack
     Lack of understanding

(This last picture is a QuickTime Virtual Reality image - you can turn the sculpture with your mouse. Press the shift key to zoom in; press control to zoom out. The option key will let you move around in the image if you have zoomed in.)

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