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The Digital Beowulf Project

The Digital Beowulf Project combines the study of a classic text - the famous Anglo-Saxon epic - with art and literary criticism.

Ninth grade students were challenged to craft creative responses to the epic Beowulf. All work was submitted in digital form, but students could choose any medium for the initial version of their artistic piece. Some wrote poems; some created sculptures. One made a board game; another made a book. Other submissions ranged from collages and paintings to an original quilt. Comic or critical, the tone of each work is as varied as the medium.

Each student also drafted an analysis of her artistic piece. Using the model of the literary passage analysis, she examined the creative choices she made and explored the connections between Beowulf and her own artistic response to the poem.

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Alana G.

Caroline F.

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Cheryl S.

Christa A.

Elizabeth B.

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Harshitha M.

Holly B.

Holly J.

Jackie D.

Julianna R.

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Kailey M.

Kelsey P.

Laura C.

Lauren M.

Lexie B.

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