The Globalinks site was originally intended as an intranet resource for students in the Social Sciences Department. It has been expanded through the efforts of faculty and students, alike. It now includes links for both specific topics related to our curriculum and many other general areas of social sciences and Internet research. The various options are described below. Return to this page, using the BACK button in the upper left part of the window, after "exploring" each link.


Site Explorations

Return to the home page and select the "Site Explorations" option. This presents two options. If you want to see a course description for any class in middle or upper school social sciences, click on the appropriate globe (see example). For each grade level, you will also see a list of topics specific to the social sciences curriculum, as well as an option to explore general sites (found at the top of the page). The General Information page provides direct links to a wide variety of information, including relevant news and media sources, faculty resources, Internet research, and primary source documents. It also includes direct links to various search engines (also found at the bottom of each grade level's "sites" page) so you can conduct your own "customized" search.


Course Overviews

When selecting this option, brief curriculum overviews can be accessed by choosing any of the grade level or "electives" options provided. These course outlines also include the unit and/or project topics for which there are research links available (see example).


Site Submissions

This option gives you the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of the data base. When this option is selected, you are shown directions about what information should be included when a site is found that might be useful. This information for the proposed site is sent via e-mail to the Ellis Social Sciences Department, and the appropriate faculty member will decide whether it should be included in the Globalinks data base. When a submitted link is approved, it is added to the list, with credit given to the student who submitted the site (see example).


Contact Faculty

If you have a question or comment for any member of the department's faculty, choose this option. It will provide a list of faculty members and e-mail window to allow direct, one-on-one communication.


The Bulletin

This page is Globalinks' own on-line newspaper, featuring news and more (even sports, weather, comics, and snippets!) from sources specially selected by the Ellis Social Sciences Department and updated as often as every 15 minutes.


"Special Assignments"

This option, found throughout certain grades, features on-line activities. See an example, called "Special Assignment: Holocaust".



The Globalinks site is beginning to be noticed and recognized on the world wide web. Check out the sites of those who have appreciated our efforts.