CIA World Factbook--Maps, flags, documents, and a variety of information about nations around the world

CountryWatch--Includes general information and daily headlines

Library of Congress Country Studies--includes photos and more

Nations of the World--Includes maps, population statistics, and much more

United Nations' Resource Source--Various links with information on all member nations

World Resources--U.N. collection of data for both geographic and demographic information

InfoNation--Create your own charts to compare a wide range of nations in topics related to geography, population, economy, and more

Virtual Tours--Dreamscape's vast collection of museums, exhibits, and places of interest

Online Atlases--PSU library collection of links to maps with a variety of themes, including historical maps

The Virtual Reference Desk--Includes selected government documents, maps, travel information, time zones, etc.

Governments on the WWW--Data base links foreign governments, as well as international organizations, etc.

National Geographic--Pages include resource links for geographic education and maps (submitted by Kathryn V, 8th grade, in November of 1997)

Xerox Map Server--Zoom-in on any location in the world; shows boundries & rivers, but not names

Terraserver--Microsoft site uses satellite images of places in the world you enter

Cartographic Images--Includes both historical maps and links to related sites

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection--Includes current and historical maps

Index on Africa--a Comprehensive guide to the continent on the Web (submitted by Sophia H, 8th grade, in April of 1998) site covers geography, history, and culture of African people (submitted by Lauren F, 6th grade, in February of 1999)

(The following links are specifically for information on East Asia and the Middle East:)

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library--Links organized by global, regional, and country resources

AskAsia--News and resource links related to Asia

China on the Net--Extensive collection of links organized by several useful topics; "General" option links to an even larger collection of links

China News Digest--Daily updates from free news/information service

China Dimensions--Various demographic information; topics include population and public health, economics, and more

Home Page of Tibet--University of Purdue site with a great deal of information

Tibet Web Sites--Links to a variety of sources

Japan Interface--Current information about the latest culture trends in Japanese popular culture

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library--Links organized by global, regional, and country resources

Asia Links--Collection of articles from A-Magazine, arranged by monthly themes

Oriental Institute: Electronic Resources--Links to various sources related to the Middle East

ArabNet--Information specifically about Arab nations in the Middle East (submitted by Jean Y, 6th grade, in January of 1998)

Office of the Israeli Prime Minister--Israeli government equivalent of

Personal Diary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict--Life in this troubled area as told by a Palestinian


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U.S. Government & Politics

Congressional Record--Various search options provided for information on action and representatives

U.S. Senate--General information about the Senate, activities, and representatives

U.S. House of Representatives--Includes educational resources related to government, the Constitution, etc.

All Politics--latest news and information about legislative action

POTUS--A wealth of information, including related primary source documents, for every U.S. president

Politics & Political Campaigns--Everything from biographies of past presidents to time lines of political movements daily news briefs, issues analysis, abstracts from policy journals, etc.

Destination Democracy--Interactive tutorial related to campaigning

Government--West Lafayette (IN) Schools' site with links organized by documents, politics, and more

Law--Search for legal information by type, topic, etc.

U.S. Census Bureau--Includes news, searches, other options

Fedstats--Billed as "one-stop shopping for federal statistics"


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Globalinks Bulletin--On-line collection of current news and more, selected by the Ellis Social Sciences department

1st Headlines--Current Events coverage for the US and International media sites.

NewsCenter--Up to the minute news resources compiled by Gary Price, MLIS George Washington University

Global Beat--Independent "resource service for the global journalist"

On-Line Newspapers--Direct links to countless U.S. and world-wide news services

News Central--Links to over 3500 on-line newspapers from throughout the world (including more than 1100 U.S.)

On-Line Newspapers Index--Library of Congress collection of both foreign and domestic newspapers and periodicals

MediaINFO--On-line news links organized by world regions, city guides, syndicates, television, and more

USA Today--On-line version of national daily, updated constantly

ABC News--On-line version of network's news and analysis

MSNBC--On-line version of network's news, updated constantly

Voice of America--Weekly collection of radio news transcripts (no archive-related option, but good current source)

Pathfinder--Current updates and links to various on-line sources, including CNN


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Human Rights

Amnesty International--Links to other sites of interest contains information on a variety of human rights-related topics

OneWorld--Tracks human rights news and provides links to over 350 organizations around the world

INCORE--Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity

B'Tselem--Information of human rights abuses in the West Bank region

Human Rights Watch--Information from New York-based organization on human rights issues worldwide

Human Rights Library--Maintained by the University of Minnesota; includes a variety of UN, other links

Universal Declaration of Human Rights--Dedicated to the anniversary of the 1948 document (submitted by Anita V, 8th grade, in October of 1997)

Human Rights--Includes both general and Asia-related links

Cryptography--Organization devoted to "scientific freedom and human rights issues" (submitted by Nida A, 6th grade, in March of 1999)


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TV Guides


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Faculty Resources

Lesson Plans & Resources for Social Studies Teachers--Includes a "monthly update" option

ERIC for Social Studies--Gopher menu of lesson plans covering a variety of topics for a wide range of grade levels

Social Studies School Service--Provides on-line activities and more

History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers--Links for a variety of topics, from archeology to research (submitted in November of 1997 by Jackie R, 8th grade)

Kidsweb: Social Studies--resources grouped by geography, government, and history

Education--Links for social science teachers from West Lafayette (IN) Schools

Developing Educational Standards: Social Studies--Includes details on Goals 2000 program


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Internet Research

Guidelines for Research Using the Internet--Provides "basic rules to make better use of your time" on the web

Critical Evaluation Survey: Middle School--Helpful checklist to help students evaluate the viability of web sites

Critical Evaluation Survey: Upper School--Same as above for secondary school research

A+ Research and Writing--Provides tutorials on preparing a research paper writing tips and ideas for topics related to various subjects


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Primary Sources

Library of Congress--Extensive list of resources, most related to U.S. history

Great American Speeches--PBS archive of text documents arranged by decades

National Archives Exhibit Hall--Collection of documents, audio clips of speeches, etc.

Eye Witness--good, well-organized list of links

Avalon Project--Collection of primary source documents organized by eras

Primary Sources--History Online collection of various links

United States Historical Documents--Extensive list of primary sources, arranged first by century (15th to 20th), then by subject (submitted by Jean Y, 6th grade, in January of 1998)

American Studies Hypertexts--Wide variety in this University of Virginia collection

Making of America--Collection of primary sources in American social history to the Reconstruction

Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents--Comprehensive list from the Magna Carta, through the 20th century (submitted by Allison C, 6th grade, in February of 1999)

Historical Text Archive--Collection of documents organized by regional/national history, topical history, and resource links (submitted by Jackie R, 8th grade, in January of 1998)

Eye Witness--Collection of first person accounts of historic events

POTUS--A wealth of information, including related primary source documents, for every U.S. president

Addresses of the Presidents--Entire texts of all addresses, from Washington to Clinton

Documenting the American South--A number of full-text diaries and first person narratives

Magna Carta--General overview; original copy and translation included (submitted by Nida A, 6th grade, in March of 1999)


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Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania

Electronic Information Network--Good starting point for links to Pittsburgh's museums and libraries

Pittsburgh Ethnic History--Essays on the roots of Western PA, organized by ethnic groups; also has information of Pittsburgh's contributions to World Wars I and II

Book Review: Plutocracy Personified--Summary of book about Henry Clay Frick serves as an overview of his career (submitted by Julia T, 8th grade, in January of 1998)

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation--Includes much information about the history of the area, as gained through an appreciation for its historic sites (submitted by Sophia H, 8th grade, in January of 1998)



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Scholarly Economics Resources--University of Virginia Library site; links topics include general, macro and micro

Business Education & Economics Links--Sites organized by various topics, including current currency exchange rates, the stock market, etc.

Economics--West Lafayette (IN) site with links organized by a variety of topics

Resources for Economists on the Internet--Extensive list of sites organized into a number of advanced topics

Economics Resources--List of links organized by topics; site developed by NerdWorld




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The 20th Century


Yahoo: 20th Century History--Extensive list led by list of categories such as 1920's, Cold War, etc.

History: 20th Century--Index of links organized into general, topical, and regional categories

The 20th Century--Short collection of links on "Surfing the Net with Kids" site

Rigby's Classroom Topics--Interactive site covering global issues (also useful for science research!)

World History II Review--Essays on such topics as the Russian revolution, World Wars I and II, the Cold War, Vietnam and Korea

Celebrate the Century--CNN companion site for the 1999 TV series

People's Century--Companion site for PBS series includes interviews with Americans who witnessed the Great Depression, World War II, etc.

Avalon Project: 20th Century Documents--Vast Yale collection of primary source documents

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century--Interactive collection of historical maps organized by topics and time periods

Historical Maps--Collection of historical maps arranged by geographic areas

United Nations--Virtual field trip includes backround, the UN in action, and links to other resources

OPEC Fact Sheet--Extensive information about the Organization of Petrolium Exporting Countries


World War I: Trenches on the Web--extensive collection of material related to the "Great War"

World War I Remembered--Comprehensive BBC site, complete with video clips and personal accounts (submitted by Allison C, 6th grade, in February of 1999)

World War II--list of links which include related topics such as the Holocaust and the Fascist Era

World War II Maps--Includes maps relevant to both Europe and Asia

World War II Time Line--Arranged by years

The Role of Women in World War II--Student project that includes many good resource links (submitted by Allison C, 6th grade, in April of 1999)

The Drop Zone--Virtual museum featuring a collection of oral histories from World War II American soldiers

Special Assignment: Truman's Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb--GlobaLinks site contain a concise listing of links related to this topic

Cybrary of the Holocaust--Includes a variety of primary source documents and information

Concentration Camps--Photo essay from above site focussing on two camps: Birkenau and Mauthausen

The Holocaust History Project--An archive of primary source documents, photographs, recordings, and essays

Cold War Museum--Organized by time periods and includes links to many other sources

The Cold War--An interactive essay, complete with lists of related links (submitted by Allison C, 6th grade, January 1999)

Fifty Years from Trinity--Seattle Times' site details the Nuclear Age, from first a-bomb tests to influences

Korean War Project--Includes maps, historical references, and Korean resources

Vietnam War Overview--Extensive study of the event (submitted by Kate R, 8th grade, April 2000)

Vietnam War--illustrated overview

Vietnam: A Teacher's Guide--Interractive essay includes historical background of traditional Vietnam and continues through war years

The Vietnam War--Collection of links from "Surfing the Net with Kids" site

Vietnam War Maps--Extensive list of maps

Gulf War Maps--Also links to a chronology page

Strategic Intelligence--Includes documents on espionage, surveilance history, and intelligence community reform

NATO--Official web site of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Other Specific Topics

Holocaust Time Line--Interactive and detailed account

The Holocaust--a comprehensive guide from

Space Race--Yahoo listing of several links related to this element of the Cold War (submitted by Lauren F, 6th grade, in February of 1999)

From Sideshow to Genocide: Stories of the Cambodian Holocaust--Well-organized and extensive study of the Pol Pot era

The New Deal Network--primary source documents and several articles about the time of the Great Depression (submitted by Kate R, 8th grade, in October of 1999)


Winston Churchill Home Page--Wide variety of topics related to England's WWII-era Prime Minister

The Rise of Adolf Hitler--Includes biography and more

Invention Dimension--Inventors, listed in alphabetical order, and their inventions

Academy of Achievement--Site recognizes those who have made significant impact on the 20th Century


Check the World History section of the general sites page!


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Ancient & World History (pre-1900)

Social Science Research Network--Search and download papers, or conduct keyword search throughout the site

Ancient World Web--vast collection of links related to ancient history

Ancient Egypt--Collection of links from "Surfing the Net with Kids" site

World History Links Page--Links arranged by nations, specific topics, and U.S. history (submitted by Jackie R , 8th grade, in October of 1997)

World History Compass--Collections of links organized by both areas of the world and eras (submitted by Jackie R , 8th grade, in January of 1998)

HyperHistory--Extensive list of sources on topics arranged by time periods, areas, people and events

The History Net--Links for many history-related topics

HORUS History Links--Wide-ranging index of links to other history sites

Britannica Internet Guide: History--Includes links to various popular sites, as well as an option to narrow search topics

World History--West Fayette (IN) Schools' site provides links organized from ancient world to 20th century

Women in the World History Curriculum--Interactive site with information and resources about women's experiences in world history

Bois's Distinguished Women of the Past and Present--Links arranged by name, topic, etc.

History: Women and Girls--Short, eclectic collection of links from the "Girl Tech" web site

Outline of Objects and Topics in 1492--Information about the peoples of pre-colonial America from the Library of Congress' 1492 Exhibit

Biography--On-line version of A&E television series

New York Public Library--Collections of photo essays, etc. from the library's vast collection

Portal to the Past II--Interactive web page for middle school students to share insights and web resources on history

Architecture Through the Ages--Information and examples of classic architecture arranged by culture

AncientSites Virtual Walking Tours--Options include tours of early empires of Rome, Greece, and Egypt (submitted by Jackie R, 8th grade, in January of 1998)

(The following links to the Smithsonian were submitted by Sophia H, 8th grade, in January of 1998):

Search the Smithsonian--A kind of "search engine" of topics found within the Smithsonian's web site

Frequently Asked Questions--Actually more specific links based on faq input; also allows user to submit queries


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