General Topics...

Globalinks: General 20th Century History Sources

20th century overview

20th Century Time Line

Primary Sources...

Globalinks Guide to Primary Sources

Great American Speeches

Speeches of Winston Churchill

Speeches of FDR

Decision to Drop the A-Bomb

Speeches of JFK

The World at War...

World War I: Trenches on the Web

Arenas of WWII

World War II (submitted by Errin E, February 2003)

Current Global Issues (including internet research)...
 1. Rise of the "New Europe"  5. Human Rights
 2. Africa in Crisis [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]  6. Terrorists and Ultranationalists
 3. Communism and Capitalism in Asia  7. Global Technology and Science
 4. Nuclear Proliferation [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]  8. OPEC

Decisions, Decisions--On-line version of Tom Snyder role-playing activities related to current issues

SIRS--Includes links to information on social issues, global perspectives, and more

Rigby's Classroom Topics--Interactive site covering global issues (also useful for science research!)

Research-It!--Quick tools to find a variety of information

The Virtual Reference Desk--Includes selected government documents, maps, travel information, time zones, etc.

On-Line Newspapers--Direct links to countless U.S. and world-wide news services

CIA World Factbook--Maps, flags, documents, and a variety of information about nations around the world

Xerox Map Server--Zoom-in on any location in the world; shows boundries & rivers, but not names

Statistics Every Writer Should Know--A look at how statistics can be used AND misused to communicate ideas

Guidelines for Research Using the Internet--Provides "basic rules to make better use of your time" on the web

Citing Internet Addresses--Easy-to-follow guidelines for citing information from web pages

Critical Evaluation Survey: Middle School--Helpful checklist to help students evaluate the viability of web sites

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"Special Assignments"

Global Perspectives 2000 project

Political Leanings

Panama Canal


The Stock Market/Great Depression <> Comparing Depression-era Prices to Today's


The Sixties

The Cost of War


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