Interactive Outline--America in the Early 1900's

I. Major Events affecting American Culture

A. Politics

President William McKinley is assassinated (1901); Theodore Roosevelt becomes president

Columbia rejects treaty to build Panama Canal, Panama declares independence and signs treaty (1903); canal officially opened (1914)

U.S. buys Virgin Islands from Denmark (1916)

Jeannette Rankin, 1st U.S. congresswomen, elected (1916)

19th Amendment passed, giving women right to vote (1920)

B. Inventions & Technological Advances

motorized airplane--Wright Brothers (1903)

Model T car, priced at $850--Henry Ford (1908)
Use information to compare changes in cost with production levels from 1909 to 1927.

first telephone talk across country (SF to NY) (1915)

first transatlantic flight [NY to Lisbon] (1919)

first regular licensed radio broadcasting (1920)

C. Misc.

San Francisco Earthquake kills 509 (1906)

Robert Peary, Matthew Henson, et al reach North Pole (1909)

Ford Motor Co. raises wages from $2.40/9-hour day to $5/ (1914)

18th Amendment leads to short-lived Prohibition (1917)

Influenza epidemic kills 548,000 in U.S., over a million worldwide (1918)


II. Entertainment

A. Books & Poetry

"Peter Rabbit" stories--Beatrix Potter (1902)

Call of the Wild--Jack London (1903)

Chicago Poems--Carl Sandburg (1916)

This Side of Paradise--F. Scott Fitzgerald (1920)

T.S. Elliot

Upton Sinclair

Emily Dickinson

B. Films

"A Trip to the Moon" (French) released (1902)

"Great Train Robbery"--pioneering popular American film released (1903)

first regular cinema--The Nickelodeon on Smithfield Street--established in Pittsburgh (1905) [first film shown there was "Poor But Honest"]

Max Linder, Mary Pickford--most popular early film stars

Charlie Chaplin films begin (1913)


III. Organizations Founded

National Conference of the Negro [led to founding of NAACP] (1909)

Boy Scouts of America (1910)

American Girl Guide [later to be known as Girl Scouts] (1912)
(follow these links: Tradition > Girl Scout History)

League of Nations [later to become United Nations] (1920)

League of Women Voters (1920)