The Globalinks site was originally intended as an intranet resource for students in the Social Sciences Department. It has been expanded through the efforts of faculty and students, alike. It now includes links for both specific topics related to our curriculum and many other general areas of social sciences and Internet research. To help you perform more effective and efficient searches on the Internet, you are invited to check out any of the sites below:

The Cyberlibrarians' Rest Stop--Step-by-step tutorial that starts with basic search-related questions

Internet Research Tips--Organized into three sections: searching, evaluating, and documenting

Recommended Search Engines and Subject Directories--Includes details about favorite search engines

Finding What You Need on the Web--Another tutorial
What's "Good" on the Web?--Companion site to above

Ask Yahoo!--Gives several sample questions and explains how each could be answered most efficiently

Checklist of Internet Research Tips--Twenty steps to better research

Ten Friendly Tips for Internet Research

Site Explorations on Globalinks

Return to the home page and select the "Site Explorations" option. This presents two options. If you want to see a course description for any class in middle or upper school social sciences, click on the appropriate globe (see example). For each grade level, you will also see a list of topics specific to the social sciences curriculum, as well as an option to explore general sites (found at the top of the page). The General Information page provides direct links to a wide variety of information, including relevant news and media sources, faculty resources, Internet research, and primary source documents. It also includes direct links to various search engines (also found at the bottom of each grade level's "sites" page) so you can conduct your own "customized" search.