Special Assignment: The Sixties

Directions: First, print out a copy of this page to turn in. THEN answer the questions, using the web site entitled "What Happened in the Sixties?". After you have answered the questions, take some time to search through the site! (15 points)

Name:___________________________________ Sect:_____ Date:____________

1. Why was this seen as being both one of "discontent" and one of "peace, love and harmony"? (2 pts)


2. What was the most popular dance at the start of this decade? (1 pt)


3. How did television affect the outcome of the presidential election of 1962? (1 pt)


5. The Berlin Wall separated "free" West Germany from East Germany. What nation's sphere of influence affected the Eastern part of that once-united Germany? (1pt)


6. How many years did it take for America to meet President Kennedy's challenge to put a man on the moon? (1 pt)


7. Who was James Meredith? (1 pt)


8. In what year did Martin Luther King make his "I Have a Dream" speech? (1 pt)


9. What was the Six-Day War? (2 pts)


10. What did the cities of Detroit and Los Angeles have in common during 1967? (1 pt)


11. Name three major POLITICAL events which ocurred in 1968. (3 pts)


12. Name one of the two of the most influential musical event of the 1960's. (1 pts)