*Special Assignment: Hong Kong*


DIRECTIONS: Working with a partner, follow the steps below, after starting at the Globalinks site, and answer any one or more of the questions on a separate sheet of paper. Use the "GO" menu to return to this page when you have completed the question(s). For a tour and tutorial about how to use the Globalinks site, click here.



1. According to the article entitled "Hong Kong 1997 Economic Outlook", does its future look good, bad, or mixed? Explain your answer!

2. Briefly summarize how Hong Kong's economic system will be organized, as reviewed in "Hong Kong's Economic System After 1997". (Follow this path: "Economy" to "Hong Kong Beyond 1997" to the title of the article).

3. Use articles found at the "Yahoo in Asia" link on the 8th grade sites page of Globalinks to answer the following (HINT: Look for sites related to Hong Kong's history.):

a. Which Chinese dynasty first claimed Hong Kong as its own?

b. Britain gained control of Hong Kong after which war with China?

c. In what decade did "made in Hong Kong" labels begin to be dominant in world markets?

d. During which years was Hong Kong controlled by Japan?



1. Find two on-line news articles about the return of Hong Kong to China. Make sure the two articles have conflicting views on this event. Write down the title of the article, URL address, AND source/author. What is the relationship between the source and the opinions expressed in each article? (Hint: a good starting point would be the East Asia links on the 8th grade sites page of Globalinks)

2. Hong Kong's export business is one of the most active in the world. Use one of the search engines on Globalinks' "General Information" page to identify some of the major exports from Hong Kong and the former colony's Gross National Product.

3. The film industry is quite important to Hong Kong's economic AND cultural development. Use one of the search engines on Globalinks' "General Information" page to find the names of five current films produced there. Can you name five film directors?