Special Assignment: Holocaust

Directions: First, print out a copy of this page to turn in. THEN answer the questions, using "The Holocaust: An Historical Summary".

Name:___________________________________ Sect:_____ Date:____________

1. One group persecuted by the Nazis was the "Roma", also known as:

___Poles ___Italians ___gypsies ___Jews ___Slavs

2. What was Germany's Jewish population at the start of Hitler's chancelorship?

___50 million ___5 million ___500,000 ___50,000

3. Jews lost all of the following privilages under the Nuremberg Laws EXCEPT:

___get married ___ attend public schools ___go to movies

4. Nazis believed in eugenics to improve the human race. Eugenics is:

___selective breeding ___massacres ___birth control

5. The number of men first taken to Dachau was:

___300 ___3,000 ___30,000 ___300,000

6. In what year did the Germans invade the Soviet Union?

___1939 ___1940 ___1941 ___1942

7. The effort by the Nazis to wipe out resistance groups was called the ____ decree:

___Nuremberg ___Kristallnaucht ___Night and Fog ___Munich

8. Later, Jews were forced to live in the getto areas of cities like Warsaw and:

___Kiev ___Berlin ___Misk ___Lodz

9. The largest of the "death camps" was:

___Dachau ___Sobibor ___Auschwitz-Birkenau ___Treblinka

10. In which concentration camp did Anne Frank die?

___Dachau ___Belzek ___Auschwitz ___Bergen-Belsen