Now in our SEVENTH year, Global Perspectives has created a "Podcast Exchange" web site to compare the experiences and thoughts of students in China and the United States. The project is named for the fact that our schools are in cities located on major rivers. We hope to cross the "bridges" into both the cities and the lives of the participants involved. Watch--AND listen--for ideas shared by others and learn about how our lives, hopes, and opinions are sometimes different AND the same.

Comments from students at Fudan University High School in Shanghai, China can be heard by clicking here.

"Current Episodes" will be posted on our pages, and students will be invited to comment. Students here at The Ellis School will post their Podcasts at the link below, complete with the text of their shows.

 Click here for a message from Mr. Stone.  Click here for information about The Ellis School.  Click here for information about Pittsburgh.

Current Episode: "Days Off"