Ixquick Metasearch

Welcome to my presentation, which is based on the class web page I developed for my 8th grade history class. It includes links to the class activities and assignments schedule, relevant links, the school's "Green Sheet" (weekly newsletter), special projects. It also gives students direct access to my email address and weekly schedule. This page in its normal format serves as the starting point for my students.
The links below will take you to samples of the various ways I have incorporated technology into the curriculum.
But that's just the beginning...Enjoy your surfing!

Relevant Links
My original use of technology came in this form. I developed a web site called "Globalinks" that was intended (as it still does) to provide pre-approved research sites for Ellis history students in grades 5-12.

Global Perspectives 2004
Six years ago, I introduced the first in a continuing series of national and international collaborative projects with this name. This web site includes links to previous versions of the project (see "Search previous versions...").

Project 8th Grade
This interdisciplinary, web-based project is a highlight for 8th graders every March. The mock trial brings together a variety of skills, from research to presentation, in a relevant format.

WWII Map Game Tutorial
Students work in pairs to create a tutorial that helps them learn both events and locations relevant to World War II in Europe and Asia. Games are traded with one another and used to help students study for a test.

 Interactive Outline: 1960's
This is one of several Word-based activities presented throughout the year. These outlines provide a framework for students' lecture notes and contain links for reference sources and related homework assignments.

2004 Water Challenge
This year's version of the Global Perspectives Project involves classes from around the country who's students are competing to save the most water in their homes and raising both awareness and hope.

Powerpoint Presentation: America Enters WWII
Used effectively, Powerpoint can deliver powerful messages. This study of America's shift from isolationism into World War II incorporated both audio and text versions of important speeches.

This is the original web site I created back in 1997, after attending the NECC Conference in Seattle. This was the strating point of both my vision for technology and the school's support of that vision.