I. Overview
The Interactive Outline combines multimedia, lecture-centered and independent, web-based research activities to communicate a curriculum topic. Using laptops in the class, or working in pairs in the computer lab, students access teacher-produced web pages containing lecture notes. These notes include hypertext links which: provide images, sounds, and video clips to enhance the during lecture presentation; and enhance student knowledge about elements within the lecture after the period has ended. Basic lectures or activities are conducted over one or two days, then students are instructed to download the original outline and add details to it, using the links provided (as well as others that they collect on their own). After the independent research is completed, students answer a series of teacher-produced follow-up questions that are accessed on line, answered on line, and sent to the teacher via email to be commented on and graded.


II. Objectives
There are two major objectives driving the introduction of this program: to provide a stimulating alternative to standard lecture-centered presentations, and to provide greater depth of understanding through focused, independent Internet research.


III. Professional Development Prerequisites and Maintenance Issues
Teachers developing this program must have a thorough understanding of the Internet as an educational tool, how to create and maintain web pages, and time management skills. Maintenance of the outlines requires regular link checks, including those for on-line assessment.


IV. Resources
The sample outlines listed below were created on an iMac, using Adobe PageMill 3.0 web site construction software. The teacher has access to a on-site server connected to a T1 line. On-line assessment facilities are provided by's free Quiz Lab.


V. Samples
 Late 1800s  The Holocaust
America in the Early 1900s  Vietnam War
 America in the 1920s  America in the 1960s
Power of the Stock Market & Impact of the Great Depression  Europe Now

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