Global Perspectives Background
Details of the origins and motivations that drove this project in the early stages of its development.

GP-2006: Podcast Exchange
Students from Ellis created podcasts on various topics and heard similar productions from students in Shanghai, China.

GP-2005: "Penny for Your Thoughts" Campaign
Students collected sponsors and responses to various water-related topics in a blog, raising money to provide fresh water to victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2005.

GP-2004: "International Water Challenge"
Students at Ellis competed against others throughout the nation to see who could save the most water in their homes. The winning team/class was awarded the honor of making a donation (provided by a sponsor in the Ellis community) for a freshwater well in Haiti.

GP-2003: Water Use Survey
Participating students took part in a home water use survey and discussed possible conservation strategies.

GP-2002: Terrorism, Poverty & Water Viability
Ellis students wrote essays after collecting input from students in Singapore, Italy, and Nigeria about these global issues. Input was also gained during a class visit to the Singapore embassy in Washington, D.C.

GP-2001: International Relief Agencies and the Gujarat Quake
Ellis students shifted their focus to issues related to international relief agencies after epals in Gujarat, India were directly affected by the 2001 earthquake there. They collected information about the quake, various agencies, and their role in the relief efforts in India. The Ellis students decided to choose what they decided to be the best agency to send money, then completed an ambitious, $7000 fundraising campaign to help build several permanent homes for Gujarat victims. The class was received by the Indian Embassy in Washington and given public recognition by the Indian government.

GP-2000: International Trade and the Global Environment
Ellis students wrote essays after collecting information and opinions from students in Japan, Brazil, and Italy. Input was also gained during class visits to the embassies of Brazil and Japan in Washington, D.C.

Global Perspectives I: Global Awareness Survey
A basic survey was created, distributed, and analyzed by Ellis students. The survey measured the levels of awareness and concern related to a number of global issues.


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