1. Is your school public or independent? (Here, "public" schools are operated by local government, "private" schools are independent of local government. Still others are religious schools.

Ellis is independent.


2. Is it coed or single-sex?

Ellis is a single-sex (girls') school.


3. Is it located in an urban, suburban, or rural community?

We are in the city (urban).


4. What are the required courses, what are some other classes?

Basic academic courses here include: math, science, history, language, and English. We also take art, music and physical education, as well as many optional electives.


5. What extracurricular activities are offered?

Sports are offered, including: soccer, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Each class also does a play; participation is optional.


6. Do the students wear uniforms; is there a dress code?

We wear uniforms.


7. How many students are enrolled; what grades are included in your school?

Ellis has grades kindergarten through 12th and has 450 students.


8. How many days/hours per week is school in session?

We go 5 days a week from 8am to 3pm.


9. Are lunches provided by the school?



10. What is your vacation schedule?

Summer- June to September. We have many long weekends as well as 2 weeks off for winter break and 2 weeks off for spring break.


11. What is the average class size?

It is 12 to 15, here.


12. What other activities does the school sponsor (for example: dances etc.)?

We have dances as well as other stuff.


13. What is the ratio of males to females in the faculty?

We have about 8 females to every male.


14. How much homework do students do per night?

We get anywhere from none to 4 hours.


15. Does your school have a web site?

Ours is http://www.ellis.k12.pa.us/