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About the Project...

As a first step toward the establishment of a world-wide "academic alliance", The Ellis School 8th grade 20th Century World History class will exchange views on current global issues with students their age (12-15) in other countries. The students will create a short survey to be conducted in April of 1999 about awareness and opinions related to these issues. This activity will be used as an important component of the class' final project in the Spring, when students will present the data to their peers as part of class-long presentations on their assigned issues.

Participating schools will have the same collection of multi-national viewpoints as we receive! Survey results will be shared via the Social Sciences Department web site, Globalinks, and direct e-mail communiques to contacts at participating schools.

The survey, which will be sent to participating schools in April of 1999, will be created by Ellis 8th graders. Schools will be asked simple questions designed to measure their students' awareness of issues related to various topics (see list, below) and how important they feel the issues are. The topics scheduled to be covered include:

1. Rise of the "New Europe"

2. Africa in Crisis

3. Communism and Capitalism in Asia

4. Nuclear Proliferation

5. Human Rights

6. Terrorists and Ultranationalists

7. Global Technology and Science

Contact before, during and after the project will be done via e-mail and/or the project's web site. Ellis students will begin correspondence with participating schools starting in January; this will give students a chance to get to know each other before the project begins. The questions will be sent in late March. Students at the participating schools must conduct the survey and return the results by mid-April. Results of the survey from all participating schools (including Ellis) will be gathered, summarized, and posted here on the project's web site by May 1st. Any further questions can be answered by the project coordinator, Gregg Stone. To apply for participation, use the easy form included.

Participating Schools...

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The Ellis School of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) is excited to be working with classes from all over the globe in this pilot program! Participants include:

The Ellis School (USA) Gregg Stone
Ankermedet Primary School (Denmark) Mette Samuelsen 
Yugla Gymnasium (Latvia) Baiba Priekule
Samson Primary School (Australia) Jennifer Sumpton & Doug Cook
Edgemeade High School (South Africa) Redvers Lawrence
Lincoln Middle School (Canada) Lorelei Steffler
Mann Middle School (USA) Kristy Coker
Strathcona Christian School (Canada) Steve Schaar
Chisnallwood Intermediate (New Zealand)
Colegio Diego Rivera (Mexico) Ana Maria Diaz
King George School (Canada) CindyLou Senger
Kamakura Girls Jr. & Sr. High School (Japan) Graham Harper (include name in subject!)
Ceylon Hotel School & School of Tourism (Sri Lanka) Sarath Seneviratne
Western Galilee High School (Israel) Sue Chertock
Ort Hatzor HaGlilit (Israel) Ira Weisberg
Lycee Pastreur (Brazil) Barbara Dieu

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