Welcome to the SIXTH edition of the Global Perspectives project!

Our focus again this year is on our most important natural resource:


We appreciate the input from students, teachers, and experts from around the world
on issues related to this topic. Our goal is to learn more about who has easy acces to water
and who doesn't, where water is and where it is not, and how the future will be shaped
by the availability and scarcity of water.


We thank you for sharing your thoughts at the project's "Water Log"

Over 500 people joined the discussion and helped us all gain a "Global Perspective" on this year's issues!

Participating in the "Water Log" also helped survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami through our "Penny for Your Thoughts" campaign (scroll down to learn more)!


Dear Educators,

Each year, The Ellis School's "Global Perspectives" project educates students about current issues. When appropriate, the project also engages students to help those in need. In 1991, money was raised to help construct homes for seven families left homeless by India's Gujarat earthquake. Last year, our "Water Challenge" sponsorship provided a working freshwater well for a rural village in Haiti.

This year's project is once again focused on issues related to water, and we are committed to helping the survivors of the recent tsunami by helping to finance the distribution of fresh water and water treatment kits to the victims of this terrible event. We have established a web log for students, aged 12-16, to share questions and ideas about the importance of water, especially as it relates to the Indian Ocean event.

To raise funds for CARE's program of useable water distribution, and to provide incentive for students to participate in the web log, we are pleased to announce the "Penny for Your Thoughts" campaign. Students here at Ellis are collecting pledges of a penny, a dime, or a dollar for every comment submitted to the web log from January 24 to February 27, 2005. There will be a new "thread" created at the start of each week of the web log's existence. Our goal is to collect 500 comments during this five-week period; that number also represents the limit for pledges. Individuals, families and organizations will contribute an amount equal to the number of comments received. For example, those pledging at the "penny" level will contribute $5.00 for 500 comments, etc.

All we ask is that you encourage your students to participate in the web log. The greater the participation, the more money will be raised. It's easy, fun, and educational to join the discussion. Just have your students go to http://TheEllisSchool.org/mybook/gp and view the current week's topic. Then they can click on "Comments" and share their thoughts! The web log will be closely monitored here at Ellis. We only ask that the comments be useful (any inappropriate entries will be discarded and will therefore not count) and that students include their first name, age, school, and location (city/state/country) at the end of their comments.

Pledges will be collected during the first two weeks of March and the final amount will be sent to CARE on April 4, 2005. We will announce the total level of participation on the web log at that time.

We hope that you will help us to once again help those who need it most. Please share this project with your students and join the "Penny for Your Thoughts" campaign on January 27!

Class of 2009 Contact: Gregg Stone
The Ellis School stoneg@theellisschool.org