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The Ellis School (USA)
Faculty Contact: Gregg Stone (

The Ellis School is an independent all-girls' school in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. At Ellis we are required to take math, science, history, English, music art and physical education, and have the choice to take French, Latin or Spanish. We also have elective courses, which are classes students get to chose. We have lots of after school activities such as plays and musicals as well as sports like field hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and tennis.

We have a total of about 450 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We have school five days a week from Monday through Friday. We start classes at 8:07am and end classes at 3:07pm. An average Ellis class has 12 to18 students in it. We have dances sometimes for 8th grade and up. In our faculty we have one male to every eight females. We get up to four hours of homework every night.

We have a trailer that we use for a temporary cafeteria where students can buy lunch while there is construction on our real cafeteria. We have to wear white shirts with collars and green plaid skirts every day as our uniform. We have three main vacations a year. Our summer vacation is from June to September and we have two weeks off in December
and two weeks off in March.

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Lycee Barthelemy de Laffemas (France)
Faculty Contact: Annik Tournaire (

Our high school, "Lycee Barthelemy de Laffemas" is located in the South-East of France in the Rhône Valley, between the cities of Marseille and Lyon, 600 kilometers south of Paris. It is part of the school campus of "Briffaut" in the suburbs of Valence.
"Briffaut" was built in 1977. It is one of the biggest secondary schools in Valence (about 2,100 pupils). There is a restaurant where more than 1,500 meals are served every day, and there is a boarding school for 200 pupils. The campus includes three independent secondary schools: a general secondary school (ours), a vocational secondary school and a technological secondary school.

In "Barthelemy de Laffemas" (senior high School) there are 1,200 pupils and 120 teachers. Most high school students are 15 to 20 years old. There are three grades: "seconde" which is 10th grade, "premiere" which is 11th, and "terminale", 12th grade. At the end of "terminale", we have a very important exam, the "baccalaureat". If you pass it, you can go to university. On average, there are 25 to 35 students per class.

We are in "2nd 5". Our class has 25 girls and 8 boys. We are between 15 and 17 years old. During the week we have three hours of English, with our teacher Mrs Tournaire.
The subjects we are learn are English, Italian (for 6 pupils), Physical Education,
History, Geography, Economics (for 25 pupils), French, Biology, Spanish, Maths and Physics. English is a compulsory language.

Classes start at 8.00 am and end at 5.45 pm. We have school 6 days a week from Monday through Saturday. Wednesday and Saturday we have lessons just in the morning.
We get any where from 1 to 3 hours of homework every night. We have 4 main vacations each year. Summer vacation in July and August, we have 2 weeks off in December, 2 weeks in February and 2 weeks in April. We have many after school activities such as sports like field football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, badminton, climbing, athletics, boxing, body building, weight lifting and we have championships between schools.
We haven't got a school uniform.

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Clemente Baroni (Italy)
Faculty Contact: Fiorella Frezza (

Our school is called "Clemente Baroni" and was founded in 1974 in Carugate, a small town near Milan in north Italy. It is a quite big State Middle School, there are 320 boys and girls aged 11-13 in 15 classrooms. Two courses are called "TEMPO PROLUNGATO" which means that students have more lessons (36 a week) and activities such as drama, computer studies, swimming. Three courses are called "TEMPO NORMALE" which means that students have only 30 lessons a week, and stay at home in the afternoon. The students that take part in the Global Perspective Project are those from "Tempo Prolungato". In our school there are many special rooms for labs: Science, Art, Technology, two computer rooms with 10 PCs, 10 Macs, 8 Commodors and 10 old PCs. We also have a gymnasium and a small theatre and a canteen of course. We make many projects: school newspaper, gardening, open school (at the end of school year when ous parents come to see the work we do), writer where we invent and write stories, reading, recycling, health and multi-ethnical education.

We go to many trips in the area where we live, but also to different parts of Italy. There are several sport tournaments during the school year and we also have the "English Games"

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Canberra Secondary School (Singapore)
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