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Welcome to the third year of the "Global Perspectives" project from The Ellis School. It has involved schools from many different nations. Each year, the project's focus changes to match prevailing global issues of the times.

After two successful years (see http://TheEllisSchool.org/WorldClass/GP-2000), we present "GP-2001", which examines the effectiveness of international relief efforts and how such activities interact with a nation's culture, geography, economy, politics, and foreign relations . The focus of our examination will be such efforts in the wake of India's Gujarat earthquake in January 2001.

The recent tragedy of the Gujarat earthquake and the rebuilding of western India has inspired the host project team at Ellis to examine situations such as this, and attention will focus on the ongoing efforts there. Since the start of the Global Perspectives project in 1999, the project's "contact school" in India has been Shree Amulakh Amichand Bhimji Vividlakshi Vidhyalaya, located in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Students at that school are contributing their insights.

This year's version of the project will include a fundraising component. Students will raise money on behalf of the program chosen by the Ellis students. These students will also conduct research related to the various international relief organizations and what they are doing to aid the victims of the earthquake. Information will be gathered and organized by students at both schools. Our thanks, also, to the Ministry of Community Affairs at the Indian Embassy and Interaction in Washington, D.C. for their support and information.

In short, the goals of GP-2001 are:
1.) to enlighten the public about the effectiveness and social impact of international relief efforts, and
2.) to encourage the public to contribute to the efforts of a carefully-selected organization to help the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the Gujarat quake.

Help us help our friends!

Participating Schools:

The Ellis School

The Ellis School is an independent all-girls' school in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. At Ellis we are required to take math, science, history, English, music art and physical education, and have the choice to take French, Latin or Spanish. We also have elective courses, which are classes students get to chose. We have lots of after school activities such as plays and musicals as well as sports like field hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and tennis.
We have a total of about 450 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We have school 5 days a week from Monday through Friday. We start classes at 8:07am and end classes at 3:07 pm. An average Ellis class has 12 to 18 students in it. We have dances sometimes fro 8th grade and up. In our faculty we have 1 male to every 8 females. We get anywhere from 0 to 4 hours of homework every night.
We have a trailer that we use for a temporary cafeteria where students can buy lunch while there is construction on our real cafeteria. We have to wear white shirts with collars and green plaid skirts every day as our uniform. We have three main vacations a year. Our summer vacation is from June to September and we have two weeks off in December and 2 weeks off in March.
--Melanie B.

Shree Amulakh Amichand Bhimji Vividlakshi Vidhyalaya

Students at the school were directly affected by this event. The letter below is one student's personal account of the earthquake:


I hope all of you might have heard about the Earthquake that took place recently in Gujarat. Bhuj was the center of this earthquake. It was a disastrous natural calamity.

I would like to tell you about my personal experience during this earthquake. I am from Bhuj. When this earthquake took place only my father and I were there at home. I was sitting in my living room and suddenly a loud noise was heard. I was frightened. I realized that it was earthquake. When we opened the door to get out of our house, we saw that half of our building had collapsed. It was a terrible sight. Suddenly another earthquake took place. We had lost all the hopes of surviving. But luckily nothing happened to our part of the building. We tied a big rope in the O.T.C of our building .As we were on the 5th floor; it was difficult for us to jump out. I came down safely with the help of that rope. But my father got hurt in his leg. I took him to the civil hospital. But when I went there I saw thousands of people who were in much worse condition than my dad. I saw many deaths in just ten minutes. Those who survived were also injured very badly. They were not given proper medicine.

After few days many helps were provided to us. We came to mumbai at our relatives place and my father was admitted in the hospital. Now we are safe here. But many people in Bhuj are yet lying under the debris. I request you to pray for all the victims of this earthquake.


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