A Metropolitan Community

Welcome to Brillsonburgh, the second grade model of a metropolitan community. In their roles as city planners, second grade girls made decisions about the placement of their newly constructed services in the Central Business District, city or suburban neighborhoods or outlying areas. They had to take into consideration such issues as noise, pollution, space restraints, aesthetics and usage.

Working in cooperative learning groups, the students designed and constructed streets, bridges, inclines, parking facilities, signage, parks and recreational spaces. As neighborhoods and services sprang up, the girls positioned their single-family homes as well as the town houses, apartment houses and duplexes they made with a partner.

Using a camera on a tripod and a specially-marked turntable, the girls documented their work to create a virtual tour of each student's service. In partnerships, one student moved the turntable in 10-degree increments while her partner took photos to create a 360-degree digital view of the model.

In class, the girls put the names of their services in alphabetical order, to create the directory, which appears below. Click on any business or service name to explore it further.

Enjoy exploring Brillsonburgh!

Our Business and Service Directory:

Ali's Hospital
Bella's Place
The Big Closet
The Book Nook
Brillsonburgh Airport
C. B.'s Health Center
Catsy's Gas Station
Church and Synagogue
Cochran College
Crazy Card Company
      World Headquarters

Doctor's Office
Dollar Bank
Duggan Art Gallery
E. A. N. Community Center
Government Building
Hannah's Bakery
Ice Cream Shop
Jessica's Family House
King Ketchup Factory
Maya's Soccer Field
Miranda's Race Car Museum
The Murray Hotel
Natalie's Office Building
Poerio Wind Power
R. I. G. Elementary School
Recycling Center
T. D. Y. E.
W. C. A. P. T V Station
Water Treatment Laboratory
The Zoo

Welcome to Brillsonburgh! We hope you enjoy your visit.

Here are a few other views of our community:


The Ellis School - 6425 Fifth Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15206